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Every path has its phases, we advance step by step, with the arrival on our mind, but enjoying each stretch.

Peregrina’s path began over 5 years ago with a deep immersion in the culture of craft beer. Getting to know the fermentation processes first-hand, working directly with cereals and hops, as well as managing time, allowed us to experiment, define and adjust the properties and features of the product we wanted to be.

With the confidence that experience provides, once our recipe was refined, we took production to a level that guaranteed the quality and consistency of the product. At the brewery we studied the necessary parameters to obtain a well filtered and clear beer, with no bitterness in the aftertaste.

Peregrina is now an original and balanced lager, with the personality of our smoothly moulded mountains and the freshness of our landscapes. Peregrina is the beer of the Way, of your way.

For us, pilgriming has become a philosophy. We take life in small sips, enjoying each moment, making daily routines something to remember, creating good experiences to carry in our vital backpack. A spirit that remains in everything we do and guides our relationships.


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Peregrina Beer

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